Does Your Home Really Require Air Duct Cleaning ?

Air duct cleaning may possibly not be the very first thing that you think of as it pertains to cleaning and maintaining your property, nevertheless the potential advantages of this service mean that it perhaps should be. The services of an expert cleaning company may make a huge difference in the efficiency and health of your property, providing improved quality of life for many who live there. When it comes to whether you need to have your ducts cleaned it may be an easy task to question whether your property would truly benefit from such services. They will help review the answers for some of the very most commonly asked questions regarding duct cleaning.

What's the Purpose of Air Duct Cleaning ?

Startling studies have indicated that the air in the home can be as much as five times more polluted compared to air outside. You may be thinking that the air filters in your air system are enough to safeguard you from this pollution, but the truth is these disposable filters are merely good at removing approximately 10 percent of the pollutants and contaminants that undertake it. The remainder of the contaminants move into the air system, then circulate through the house and settling onto the surfaces of the floor and furniture. While these surfaces can be easily cleaned, the problem is based on the contaminants that settle in to the duct system. At these times, traces of the contaminants will be continuously reintroduced in to the air and can be breathed in by those in the home.

Can Mold Grow in the Ducts?

When contaminants and debris are introduced into your duct system, they are able to become a perfect food source for a variety of organic contamination. The dark and often humid environment of the duct system is perfect for the growth of mold, bacteria, fungi and viruses. As new contamination including dead skin cells, pet dander and moisture are introduced in to the air duct system, these may thrive. Pieces of the contaminants may then become part of the air and lead to a variety of respiratory symptoms.

How Are Ducts Cleaned?

Duct cleaning professionals will use a variety of specialized tools and techniques to thoroughly clean and protect your air duct system. It is essential that the different parts of your heating and cooling unit and the ducts are thoroughly cleaned in order to prevent lingering contamination. The cleaning generally begins with a cautious examination to ascertain the extent of the contamination and any aspects of the heating cooling unit or duct system that aren't in high functioning condition. The technician will likely then use special tools to loosen the buildup of debris and high-powered vacuums to get rid of this buildup. The components will likely then be thoroughly cleaned and potentially protected with the utilization of a sanitizing solution.

How Often Do Ducts Must be Cleaned?

After your heating and cooling unit an air duct system has been thoroughly cleaned by an air duct cleaning professional, so long as you maintain it properly, you won't have to have the system cleaned again for between three and seven years. It's important that you continue to keep the system by having it checked and repaired a few times a year.

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  1. A clean and healthy home is a vital part of a good lifestyle. Everyone deserves to come home to a tidy house where they can relax and take a break from the stresses of the outside world. However, in order to have a clean home, it is important to maintain all of the components that make it up, including the air ducts. A professional Air DUCT Cleaning Service can clean your air ducts and restore them to their original condition.


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